An IoT ready solution for your PoC

From the end device to the application. LORAPOC makes it simple and smart. The IoT world is complex and hard. We believe that to connect a billion things the challenge is to make it simple as well as smart. Our products and solutions focus on getting things connected ready to create business and end customer value quickly.

We’ve made IoT Proof of Concept simple with LORAPOC, based on the Sensum IoT LORAnexus platform. Install and connect the gateway, test the coverage with the Field-Test-Device, login to the platform. Everything you need – gateways, devices and a PoC Platform Account – all in one easy to go box! LORAPOC supports up to 100 devices and comes with consultancy.

From the sensor to the Application – simple, fast and ready to go!

Sensum Platform

Manage & Track Your IoT devices easily with the Sensum Platform.

An IoT software platform is the core technology needed to power any IoT solution. Sensum’s IoT platform has the proven ability to make it easy to experience the benefits of IoT commercial and industrial applications.

  • Any Sensor, Any Network
  • Data Processing & Alerting
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Maps & Geolocation Services
  • Open API for Easy Integrations


Low Power Network Connectivity

Available in both Lora and Sigfox. These new IoT networks offer long range coverage at very low prices compared to standard 3G or GSM devices. 


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